"Showdown At The Future's Edge": the Un-Made TV Movie

In the unbelievable, double-length finale of season one, Faraday defies both the One-Eyed Man and the Black Pharaoh with dangerous consequences.

A 90-minute television movie, tentatively titled "Showdown At The Future's Edge," was originally planned to air the summer following the series finale to bridge the gap between season one and season two. It had begun filming some sequences in parallel with the shooting of the final episodes of the series (to save time and money), but the project was ultimately scrapped a week into shooting after the series cancellation. No script has ever surfaced, but available production documents indicate that the movie would have revolved around Faraday pursuing and ultimately confronting his captors, the leader of whom is revealed to be Faraday himself: he created the alligator-men, ordered his own memory wiped and had himself imprisoned because he "learned too much" and endangered "the Cause." After fighting numerous alligator-men, destroying the Mind Control Robot Alpha Computer, and commandeering a speedboat in an underground canal system, Faraday would finally destroy the facility and make his escape back to society.

Season 2

A second season was planned and plotted by the writers, but, after the cancellation of the series, it was never fully developed. Partial copies of early production documents and episode treatments still circulate among Y.E.T.I. fan clubs, including the following production slugs:

Episode 18: "Deadly Variance"

Faraday's defiance has unintended repercussions, and his new abilities are tested to their limit as he fights to save the Facility - and the world - from timestream corruption.

Episode 19: "Mightier Than the Sword"

Forced to take his story into his own hands, Faraday struggles to maintain the boundary between fact and fiction.

Episode 20: "Ultima Thule"

Badly wounded, Faraday must survive in a mountain wasteland and discover how he came to be stranded there. However, time is running out and he isn't alone.

Episode 21: "Closed System"

In an isolated underwater research station, Faraday uncovers something remarkable: a living Y.E.T.I. scientist. Will he finally get the answers he's been searching for?

Episode 23: "Blitzkrieg"

Things aren't what they seem when a neurotic scientist sends Faraday into the distant past to assassinate another time-traveler: Adolf Hitler.

Episode 24: "Full Stop"

Unstuck in time, Faraday discovers pieces of the Facility's dark history - and learns he may not be able to return to the present from which he left.

Episode 25: "Elan Vital"

Lana Lazarus leaves a trail of bodies across the globe in her relentless quest for the mysterious Thraum's Eye Opal. But can Faraday survive the D.A.W.N.?

Episode 26: "Mandelbrot"

Faraday uncovers a badly-wrecked space capsule which contains a man who seemingly has spent the last 20 years in the furthest reaches of the galaxy - and who claims to be the one true Faraday.

Episode 27: "Those Who Wait"

Faraday experiences visions of a distant future in which the world has been destroyed by a great catastrophe.

Episode 28: "Cogito Ergo Sum"

Faraday's entire reality is thrown into question when he discovers that he may be an advanced thinking machine with fabricated memories and a deadly secret.

Episode 29: "A Stitch In Time Saves N.I.N.E."

The possible origins of the project are revealed as the Black Pharaoh sets events in motion, but Faraday must decide just how far he's willing to go to learn the truth.

Episode 30: "The True and Secret History of Creation"

Faraday finds himself at the center of an ancient and treacherous game, as the conflicting machinations of the Black Pharaoh and the One-Eyed Man race toward completion.

Episode 31: "Rebirth of the Infinite Fire"

Faraday combats layers of deception and false memory implants to awaken to the ultimate truth of his purpose.

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